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De Verhuisbrouwerij can not sell the brews made during their demonstrations due to local laws on beverages and taxes on alcohol. However this weakness is the strength of the brewery, those many demonstrations are the perfect playground to experiment with beer recipes. Once a new beer recipe has been tuned and the financials and logistics can support it, the beer is brewed in larger quantities at a professional brewery. Selling these big brews, keeps the brewery moving around. And in case you wonder, yes, the brewing demonstrations are free of charge.




Trisser beer Lustem beer Heymisse beer

Blond Tripel
7,7 %

Dark Wheatbeer
7,0 %

Dark Caffeine Beer
9,0 %



Aughems Fluytjesbier

Wintersnood beer IJsbeer beer Slaefke beer

Dark Wheatbeer
7,0 Vol %

Winter beer

Blond Tripel
7,5 %

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