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The brewers, a short introduction

Brewer Beer : Steven Renders (Sales and Marketing, President)
Elected every year by measurement of the beer belly of the brewers. By nature of definition, "president for life", thereby taking the respected duties seriously: forgetting appointments, late arrival for brewing activities, cancelling meeting less than 30 minutes before starting time...
Once even I had to miss a brewing activity because of... believe it or not, a hangover.

But my healthy sense of convenience contributes to the smooth operation of a brewery: I spend a lot of effort specifically to ensure that as far as possible we automate the brewing process. For instance, I have ensured that we will no longer have to manually use a thermometer during the brewing process.
The temperature is constantly followed by software that I certainly half wrote myself! Unfortunately, the automation did not extend (yet) to the gas valve... I have a dream.... I have a dream ....
Brewer Cash : Raf Benoy (Accountancy, Vice-President)
A few words of the treasurer of the brewery. All expenses and incomes are closely monitored by me. These are required to realise our well-known beers.
During my (sometimes) long working hours, I run around in a white lab outfit, and by experience, I monitor one of the most important part of the brewing: the yeast, accompanied with a nice "Trisser" or a Duvel or a Bolleke.
Cheers, fill the glasses once more and join me in a drink, nothing beats a nice drink amongst friends!!
Brewer Weld : Tommy Thys (Logistics and Stockmanagment)
As brewer-renovator, I regularly get invited by the other brewers to help with their renovations. Despite the fact I was the first in the group to convert half of my house into a brewery.
My welding expertise as well as other contributions resulted in the construction of the brewing facility, including a kettle too high to boil in and a problematic hopfiltration, which are hopefully not held against me... Maybe the reason they put me in charge of the logistics and the stock. Yes, the BEERstock.
Brewer OnFlames : Tom Robbroeckx (Planning and Communication)
There are some rumours in the grapevine concerning my nickname having anything to do with clothing and flames. But please, do not be mislead. The fire represents the passion for the brewing. As responsible for PR, I am responsible to transfer this passion onto our members, taking it to the level that I was the first to start a new generation of (female) brewers.
Just give me a taste of the home-brewn beer, and logo's, labels and beer names appear out of thin air. A tip for the novice brewer? I'd say never stand too close to the brewing kettle when the gas is lit!
Brewer Busy : Jan Duym (Technical assistance)
Where's all the activity coming from? I even don't have time to write my own website text... Fortunately, there are other brewers, which also have no time, but a quieter job ;-)
I may have started off as a silent partner, but I'm running at full capacity already for some years during the brewing activities. As technical assistant I make sure everything keeps on rolling. A very important task in a mobile brewery. The great project is of course to complete the automated brewing console my coleagues are waiting for... Let's tempt their patience. Besides this asignment, I am involved in any support where required.
Anyone surprised on the busy agenda?

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