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Dark beer of 9 % with Caffeine

Heymisse beer

The Name

"Heymisse" is old Dutch for a local town called "Hemiksem". An old name still used in the Flemisch dialect by the local inhabitants. "Hemiksem" is a village of 10.000 habitants south of Antwerp (Flanders / Belgium).
This beer was brewed by a member of "De Verhuisbrouwerij" still living in this home town. The beer was first brewed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "Heemkring Heymissen" a local organisation to preserve the town culture and his heritance.

The beer

Malt : lager, municher
Northern Brewer hops, Fuggles hops, Hallertau hops
Guarana beans
Dark sugar
Wyeast trappist high gravity gist
9,0 %
Color 42 EBC (dark)
Bitterness 40 IBU (bitter)

Contains a small amout of caffeine

This beer contains Guarana (Paullinia cupana), a climbing plant in the maple family. Its seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans. However the amount of beans used is very low resulting in an amount of 7 mg caffeine in one 33cl bottle. Just to compare this figure, a glass of cola contains 20 mg and a cup of coffee could contain up to 140 mg caffeine.

Big Brews

Every brew of this recipe is marked with a roman number because these brews are made periodically and the taste changes according the age and the fermentation on the bottle. With these numbers you can easily check which brew you have. The recipe always stays the same.

Heymisse IV20/10/201718/11/2017't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)Y

Heymisse III26/10/201401/12/2014't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)N

Heymisse II13/07/201415/08/2014't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)N

Heymisse I30/12/201301/02/2014't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)N

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