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One-time exclusive winterbrew

We brewed 1500 liters of this beer.

IJsbeer beer

The Name

'IJsbeer' is dutch for 'icebear'. A typical name for the winter. Because we only brew this beer once a year we are changing the recipe each time. To make a distinction between these brews we named each icebear. The inspiration for those names is given by real existing polarbears who lived in our country or people with a connection to icebears.

2012 - IJsbeer Theo

Dark wheatbeer with honey made from thym. "Theo" is named after Theo Kerp, the director of a german animated serie called "Lars, Der Kleine Eisbar" (The little icebear).


Lagermalt, wheatmalt, ambermalt, dark roasted malt
Styrian Hop, Saaz Hop, East Kent Hop
Koriander, orange peals, Irish moss
Honey made of thym blossom
Wyeast 3842 Belgian wheat
8,5 % ABV
Colour : 42 EBC
Bitterness : 47 IBU

Big Brews

Every brew of this recipe is marked with a roman number because these brews are made periodically and the taste changes according the age and the fermentation on the bottle. With these numbers you can easily check which brew you have. The recipe always stays the same.

IJsbeer II (Willem)13/07/201408/10/20161000't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)Y

IJsbeer I (Theo)26/08/201207/10/2012500't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)N

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