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De brouwcaravan

De brouwcaravan

De brouwcaravan

De brouwcaravan

The Mobile Brewery

De Verhuisbrouwerij is a unique brewery because we do not have a home base. Once a month all our equipment is moved across the country to a new brewing location. There we will brew our beer, showing the brewing process. After one day of hard work we will return home for the first fermentation, lagering and the second fermentation on bottle.

Since 2010 De Verhuisbrouwerij has a new movable brewery. All our equipment, including 30 litre brewering kettles, tent, malt, glasses, stored in this new trailer. There is even room for a transportable sink and of course, already brewed beer for tasting. A full polyester trailer with a large door at the back will make sure we got a light and easy movable brewery.

We have chosen the Multitrailer Excalibur to become our new brewery. Thanks to Group Ce the interior was customized and build according to our needs. Cprojects and Advertising designed the outside for us.

On the road ...

Thanks to two companies, believing in our moving brewery concept, the new trailer could be purchased.

Brouwland specialized in all materials for making your own beer, wine, cheese or liquor. The company was founded in 1972 and has been growing for all those years. Now they are selling equipment and ingredients for the home brewer, the professionals and even small breweries.If you are looking for a small fermentation keg or an all automatic brewing system, Brouwland can deliver. De Verhuisbrouwerij has always been a regular customer, there is no other store in our country where you can find such a variety of ingredients and equipment for making beer. We are very proud their company logo is on our moving brewery.

Uptime Group is a group of independent infrastructure companies specialized in delivering top of the bill ICT solutions to medium sized and larger companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Thanks to their expertise in the area of infrastructure integration, high availability of data and applications are delivered to their customers. The whole trajectory from analyzing, planning, implementation and support is taken care by the Uptime Group. Thanks to one of the brewers, who supplies the beer of De Verhuisbrouwerij to all of their receptions, they have a full life time supply of good beer. Now every employee has made their contribution to make sure that supply chain will never be broken.

In the past

In the beginning the brew demonstrations were done with our own cars. Every time, all the equipment had to be loaded and unloaded into several small cars. It took us several hours extra and even worse, we were never sure we had everything with us the first time. In 2004 we used a very old trailer of one of the brewers and used it to transport our stuff. This saved us a lot of time and worries, but the trailer was too old to continue driving.

A year later, in 2005, we purchased a small second hand trailer. It served us well during 5 years and became the logo of our brewery. Technical issues and the lack of storage made us to look for another solution. Another trailer with windows was not good enough anymore. The small door and the heavy unloaded weight were not suitable anymore. We had to find an alternative, an eye catching alternative. This we found in 2010 with the new Multitrailer Excalibur.

If you are wondering what happened to the old trailers, they are still having a meaningful purpose. The first one was cut into pieces and is used as decoration when we are brewing on a beer festival. The second one now serves as a shelter close to a lake for a fishing guy. More pictures can be found at our facebook fanpage.

Uptime Group, ict differently

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