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Slaefke, Aughems Fluytjesbier

Blond Triple of 7,5 % ABV

Slaefke beer

The Name

During the Middle Ages, salesmen in Europe were often attacked, kidnapped and sold as slaves to Muslim pirates on the Mediterranean Sea. Because of those anti-Christians, a new order of monks was created : The Holy Trinity (Trinataniers) with the sole purpose of ransoming Christian captives. This order was very strong in the area around Bruges. When the slaves became free and returned home, their arrival was announced by playing cheerful music on a flute. Every year, on the first Sunday after Pentecost, this tradition relives in the village of Ouwegem. The village already have traditional sweets you can whistle on, now they have a special beer to honour the festivities.

The Story Behind The Beer

This beer recipe has been developped in 2007 by the freelance brewers Alex and Yannick. Are they really freelance or rather slaves of the brewery ? After numerous trials they came to this final recipe. This recipe is used exclusively by the organisation of the yearly festivities in Ouwegem.

The Label

The label has been designed by publi Michels with the cooperation of Marc De Bel and Chris Snoeck. The picture on the label is a wooden statue of a slave which can be found at the church in the village of Ouwegem.


Barley malt
Wheat malt
T-58 yeast
Magnum hop
Hallertau Tradition hop
Bitterness: 40 EBU
7,5 % ABV

The Taste

This beer has a fruity nose, malty and fruity flavor that quickly makes place for a nice hopbitterness

Big Brews

Every brew of this recipe is marked with a roman number because these brews are made periodically and the taste changes according the age and the fermentation on the bottle. With these numbers you can easily check which brew you have. The recipe always stays the same.

Slaefke VII20/09/201216/10/2012Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke VI05/04/201225/05/2012Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke VI05/04/201231/05/2012Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke V15/11/201129/12/2011Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke IV29/09/201103/11/2011Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke III07/09/201104/10/2011Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke II29/06/201104/08/2011Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

Slaefke I26/04/201124/05/2011Brouwerij St Canarus (Gottem)N

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