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Blond triple of 7,5 % ABV

This beer was the first experimental recipe we brewed in large quantity at a commercial brewery.

Trisser bier

The Name

"Trisser" is a student who is trying to do the same exams for the third time. This is his final change to get a degree. There is no fourth time possible. One of the brewers has been in this situation once, we are not going to tell who it was, because we want to protect the privacy of our chairman. Of course the number 3 is a nice association with the word triple.

The Story Behind The Beer

In 2004 this recipe had won a contest of HOP (Heerlijk Objectief Proeven), a local organisation of beerlovers, member of Zythos, the confederation of all local organisations related to tasting beer.
This beer was brewed at Brewery 'De Graal', One half was called 'Content' and was sold to celebrate the 10 years of HOP. The other half was called 'Trisser' and was given to family and friends.
We did not know what to expect of this big brew, and before we knew we were brewing more and more to satify the demand. And we are still brewing it today at the 'Proefbrouwerij' brewery.

Most triple beers are sold blond. This is only commercial driven. To prove this to the visitors of our brewing demonstrations we made this beer with the colour of an ale.
Has this beer original taste ? Does this beer create a new style ? No, it doesn't. And it does not have to be. We want to convince the lager drinking public there is a better and more tastfull alternative. We do not convince them if we take new, maybe too extreme tastes.
Currently, people do like it ... and keep asking for it. So we keep on brewing.


Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale
East Kent hop
Saaz hop
Tomahawk hop
Colour : 12 EBC
Bitterness: 34 IBU
7,7 % ABV

The Taste

Fruity nose. Malty and fruity flavor that quickly makes place for a nice hopbitterness


This original label has been designed by Bart J. On the inside you can find all the ingredients and more information about the brewery. On the label is a small sticker with the date of the brew and the date of the bottling. Trisser bottles with roman numbers I until XIII had a classic label.

Big Brews

Every brew of this recipe is marked with a roman number because these brews are made periodically and the taste changes according the age and the fermentation on the bottle. With these numbers you can easily check which brew you have. The recipe always stays the same.

Trisser XXIV10/05/201804/06/2018De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)Y

Trisser XXIII18/10/201718/10/2017De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XXII22/08/201626/09/2016De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XXI14/01/201519/02/2015De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XX28/08/201326/09/2013De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XIX29/01/201328/02/2013De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XVIII20/09/201225/10/2012De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XVII16/05/201212/06/2012De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XVI26/01/201213/02/2012De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XV02/05/201106/06/2011De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XIV01/09/201029/09/2010De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser XIII08/01/201019/01/2010Brouwerij De Graal (Brakel)N

Trisser XII25/10/200903/12/2009't Hofbrouwerijke (Beerzel)N

Trisser XI26/08/200922/09/2009De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser X19/01/200911/02/2009De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser IX14/07/200820/08/2008De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser VIII22/01/200827/02/2008De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser VII11/07/200709/08/2007De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser VI25/01/200727/03/2007De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser V08/05/200606/06/2006De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser V08/05/200615/06/2006De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser IV13/09/200511/10/2005De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser III16/02/200509/03/2005De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi)N

Trisser II19/06/200403/07/2004Brouwerij De Graal (Brakel)N

Trisser I11/01/200424/01/2004Brouwerij De Graal (Brakel)N

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